COVID-19 epidemic - UPDATE 2

May 25, 2020

Following the development of the COVID19 epidemic and the measures foreseen and scheduled by the French and Spanish authorities, IRAM adapts its activities to the specific national situation.
During the last two weeks gradual restart of activities at the Grenoble headquarters and the Granada office has taken place. For the time being, still no visitors are allowed at any IRAM facility, f2f support is not provided, and on-site observations of external users at the 30m telescope are prohibited. However online support for the data reduction of NOEMA and ALMA data is now available within certain limitations and on best effort basis.

Throughout the last two months observations with NOEMA have been continued without interruption. After a stop in mid of March, assembling work of the 11th and 12th NOEMA antennas have been restarted one week ago.
After a 3 weeks shutdown starting on 24-March, IRAM 30-m 12h night time operation restarted on 14-April, and since 12-May the telescope is being operated again around the clock. 30-m operation is done through remote or service observing. PIs of the projects scheduled at the 30-m telescope have been contacted to organize remote observing sessions whenever possible. This mode of operation will continue until further notice.

IRAM plans to publish the next call for proposals in the usual time frame in early August 2020. The proposal deadline will be 10-September, as discussed and announced on the IRAM web.

The situation will be reassessed regularly during the coming weeks to adapt IRAM policies. Participating to the general effort to avoid the spread of the virus and protecting the health of the IRAM staff will remain the institute's priority.