COVID-19 pandemic -- UPDATE

March 18, 2020

Following the development of the COVID19 epidemic and the measures recently enforced by the French and Spanish authorities, the activities at the institute headquarters in Grenoble as well as at the Granada office have been reduced to a strict minimum. No visitors at any site, including the observatories, are allowed. Support for data reduction is not possible. Assembling  of the 11th and 12th NOEMA antennas has been stopped.

Both the 30-m and NOEMA observatories are now operated in a restricted mode, with a minimal staff presence to ensure the security of the sites. Basic scientific observations continue to be performed, on a best-effort basis. PIs of the projects scheduled at the 30-m telescope have been contacted to organize remote observing sessions whenever possible.

The situation will be reassessed regularly during the coming weeks to adapt IRAM policies. Participating to the general effort to avoid the spread of the virus and protecting the health of the IRAM staff will remain the institute's priority.