IRAM and two Chinese partner institutions have signed a Scientific Cooperation Agreement in the framework of the NOEMA project

December 8, 2017

IRAM, the Institute for Radio Astronomy in the Millimeter Range (Grenoble, France) has signed two cooperation agreements with the University of Nanjing (China) and the Purple Mountain Observatory (Chinese Academy of Sciences). The primary goal of these agreements is to strengthen cooperation in the Millimeter Astronomy, and in particular in the framework of NOEMA (NOrthern Extended Millimeter Array), the most powerful millimetre observatory on the Northern hemisphere. The agreements, which run for five years, will serve to strengthen and accelerate the scientific and technological progress generated by NOEMA.

Alain Omont (representing the IRAM Steering Committee) and Xiaorong Li (Director of the Office of International Cooperation, Nanjing University) during the signature ceremony of the Nanjing University/IRAM Agreement. Also present are Karl Schuster (IRAM), Gatean Messin (French Consulate in Shangai), Lijie Pu (associate vice-president, Nanjing University), Quisheng Gu, Yong Shi, and Bin Luo (School of Astronomy and Space Science, Nanjing University).




On 7th of December 2017, during two distinct signing ceremonies, professor Qiusheng Gu (Nanjing University) and professor Yu Gao (Purple Mountain Observatory) on the one hand and Karl Schuster (IRAM Director) on the other hand have put their signatures on the agreement documents. 

The signing events have been held during a visit of the Nanjing University campus, in the presence of representatives of the French and German General Consulates of Shanghai, the IRAM Steering Committee, and the IRAM management.

Yu Gao (Purple Mountain Observatory) and Karl Schuster (IRAM Director) during the signature ceremony of the Purple Mountain Observatory/IRAM Agreement. Also present are Ji Yang (PMO director), Gaetan Messin (French Consulate in Shangai), Susanne Lada'a (German Consulate in Shangai), and Alain Omont (representing the IRAM Steering Committee).




NOEMA will enable astronomical observations in the millimetre range with previously unattained sensitivities and precision. The signed agreements testify to the international attention for IRAM and the particular interest NOEMA is drawing far beyond the European horizon. The primary goal of the collaboration is to promote research projects in astrophysics and to sustain technological developments in the terahertz domain. A similarly important goal is the strengthening of the international collaboration to exchange know-how and technical skills, and to train scientists and students.

Nanjing University is one of the most prestigious Chinese universities; its School of Astronomy and Space Sciences runs multiple scientific research projects with IRAM. The Purple Mountain Observatory is an institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences having its historical roots in the observatory on the Purple Mountain, near Nanjing. One of its major research areas is directed towards radioastronomy, the topics of star and galaxy formation and cosmology.

IRAM is an international research institute for radio astronomy. Resulting from a partnership between CNRS (France), MPG (Germany) and IGN (Spain), IRAM maintains and develops two observatories: the 30-meter telescope in South of Spain and the NOEMA interferometer in the French Alps. Its headquarters and R&D centre are located in Grenoble, France.





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