NOEMA continues array upgrade

June 20, 2017

NOEMA continues its successful array upgrade with the implementation of the 9th antenna early April 2017. First fringes on all baselines were obtained on April 1st within only 3 days of the reception of Antenna 9.

Together with the installation of the new NOEMA wide band receivers in all existing 9 antennas, the array is ready for the installation and commissioning of the new NOEMA correlator Polyfix foreseen for the end of the summer. This will allow the simultaneous correlation of more than 8 antennas with very flexible settings from wideband (16 GHz x 2 polarizations) to high spectral resolution observations. Polyfix will open as well the frequency window down to 72GHz and increase by a few GHz the frequency range at the higher end of all three frequency bands currently offered.

Regular astronomical operations with PolyFix and all nine antennas are scheduled to start by late autumn.