RadioNet Programme Received Funding from the European Commission

January 16, 2017




RadioNet, the European Programme for radio astronomy, has been awarded a grant of 10 million Euro for the next 4 years from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to perform a comprehensive, innovative and ambitious suite of actions that fosters a sustainable research environment. RadioNet's main aims are to ensure that key developments in radio astronomy are supported on a European wide basis and that access to world class radioastronomical facilities is provided to European researchers. RadioNet brings together 28 leading radio astronomical research laboratories from 13 countries.

As one of RadioNet's major partner institutions, IRAM will be the leading participant and coordinator of AETHRA, a joint research programme that will exploit cutting edge technologies with the aim of improving instrument performance and observing speed of next generation receivers for the NOEMA, IRAM 30-meter telescope, ALMA and APEX facilities. At the same time, IRAM will be committed to offering Transnational Access, a European initiative for scientists from all over the world, whose aim is to facilitate access to the IRAM facilities and enable scientist to conduct research at the forefront of technological innovation. 


Representatives of European institutions, the Republic of Korea and South Africa at the RadioNet Kickoff Meeting in Berlin, Germany, on January 12, 2017.