IRAM Science Software User Meeting, April 6th-8th, IRAM Grenoble headquarters

March 03, 2016

The IRAM Science Software team will present the projects that were developed in the past 5 years and the projects that will be delivered in the next few years. 

 The IRAM Science Software Team

All these changes are driven by the advent of wide bandwidth, wide-field, high angular resolution data cubes with (sub)-millimeter instruments as NOEMA or the 30m, but also ALMA, Herschel, APEX, and SOFIA. End users need better calibration, imaging, and analysis capabilities to cope with the increase in image dynamical range, while the large increase of data rate implies to keep the algorithms
as efficient as possible.

The first day will be devoted to formal presentation of the IRAM projects and to interaction with GILDAS power users.

During the 2nd and 3rd day, software developers will present tutorials to transfer information to the community.

The meeting aims at presenting the software to a broad range of users, from newcomers to experienced ones. In particular, tutorial will start at basic levels. All users should be able to have a good handling of GILDAS, including new features, at the end of the 3 days. Dataset and commented script examples will be delivered for reference.

We expect that many will come to exchange about the GILDAS software.


This workshop is aimed at people who do not have a precise knowledge of GILDAS. Please advise students and postdocs to register.

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