IRAM Executive Council member Reinhard Genzel is awarded Nobel Prize in Physics

October 13, 2020

IRAM extends its warmest congratulations to Reinhard Genzel on winning the 2020 Nobel Prize for Physics.

The prestigious award honours the scientist Reinhard Genzel for the discovery of the supermassive compact object at the center of our galaxy. Reinhard Genzel has been member of IRAM’s Executive Council for now more than 30 years, a major proponent and facilitator of the NOEMA project and a power user of the IRAM facilities. IRAM is grateful and proud of Reinhard Genzel for his contributions and his role in the ever-evolving development of IRAM, and is looking forward to the continuation of this close and long-lasting collaboration.

Reinhard Genzel is currently leading a NOEMA Max-Planck-IRAM observatory legacy program to explore the distribution and kinematics of the molecular interstellar matter in a large sample of massive star forming galaxies at intermediate and high redshift.


Prof. Reinhard Genzel presenting the NOEMA observatory.


IRAM staff congratulating at the four IRAM sites: the headquarters in Grenoble, the office in Granada as well as at the 30-meter telescope and the NOEMA observatory. Credits: IRAM