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IRAM 30-meter Deputy Station Manager - NOW CLOSED -

2020-07-00 | Ref: VN2020-02
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IRAM is seeking an experienced telescope engineer or observational astronomer for the Deputy Station Manager (DSM) position of the IRAM 30‑meter telescope (Pico Veleta and Granada, Spain).

IRAM is a tri‑national partnership, funded by the CNRS (France), MPG (Germany) and IGN (Spain), and a leader in millimeter wave astronomy. It operates two world class observatories, the 30-meter telescope and the interferometer NOEMA (NOrthern Extended Milimeter Array), and pursues ambitious instrumental development programs for both of these observatories.

The IRAM 30-meter millimeter radio telescope is a world leading facility in the frequency range from 70 to 370 GHz. With its unique instruments EMIR, HERA and NIKA 2 it is a key facility in the field and produces hundreds of scientific publications per year. The 30-meter telescope is also crucial to generate complementary short‑spacing and wide‑field data for NOEMA.

The IRAM 30-meter telescope will be subject to a deep refurbishment of drive system and surface that will start in 2020. The DSM will have a key leading role in these activities, along with the Station Manager (SM), the group leaders at IRAM-Granada and technical groups at the IRAM headquarter.

The DSM will be based at the observatory premises in Loma de Dílar, Sierra Nevada, and the main duties will include:

  • Support the station manager in the supervision and organisation of the operation of the observatory, including the responsibility for the local scientific, technical and administrative staff (~35 persons). In particular, the DSM will deputise the SM when absent in managerial activities.
  • Being based at the observatory, the DSM will have a leading role in the management of technical tasks, telescope performance monitoring, safety and emergencies planning and other critical observatory-related tasks.
  • Along with the SM, being the contact in the organization of maintenance and local support for technical upgrades in collaboration with the IRAM headquarters in Grenoble.
  • Support the station manager in the preparation of the annual budget needs for the operation of the observatory.
  • In collaboration with the station manager, will stimulate, trigger and guide local hardware and software developments.
  • It is expected that the DSM takes a key role in the observatory refurbishment project.

The candidate should be an experienced engineer with solid background and experience in the maintenance & operation of either (radio)telescopes or satellite tracking antennas or a seasoned scientist with strong experience in radio observatory operations.

Managerial experience, preferably in scientific projects or facilities as well as excellent communication skills are required. The candidate can, if wished, pursue scientific activity, as far as the full care of the above tasks allow.

The duty station will be the observatory in Loma Dílar near Pico Veleta (in Sierra Nevada), in shifts of 4 days/week.

A very good level of English is required, Spanish and/or French knowledge is considered a plus. If requested a Spanish language training will be provided.

The position is for a 3 years initial term with possibilities for conversion into permanent position. IRAM offers an inspiring working environment, a competitive salary and social security packages.

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