Announcement of an IRAM Users' Meeting

IRAM, Grenoble, October 1st, 2009

It has been a long time, more than 5 years, since the last IRAM Users'  Meeting was held in Grenoble in December 2003. Taking the opportunity of the IRAM 30 Years International Conference, the IRAM Scientific Advisory Committee has decided to organize a one full-day Users' Meeting on the day after the conference on October 1st 2009. The sessions will take place at the IRAM headquarters, 300 rue de la Piscine, Domaine Universitaire, Saint-Martin d'Heres.

This Users' Meeting is intended to provide a forum for IRAM users to give feedback and suggestions to IRAM based on their experiences with the IRAM telescopes, software and services. Among the aspects to be covered are: overall science balance, 30m-Telescope and Plateau de Bure interferometer operations, observational strategies (service, pool, remote observing), software, archive policy, public outreach, ARC and other ALMA related issues, Radio Astronomy schools, future science with the IRAM instruments, etc.

You are cordially invited to propose one or more contributions by sending an abstract to the Scientific Organizing Committee.



The meeting will take place at the IRAM headquarters in Grenoble, University Campus. IRAM staff and five members of the IRAM Scientific Advisory Committee will be present.

09:00       Welcome Pierre Cox (Director IRAM)


09:05       Short Status of the 30m; Carsten Kramer

09:20       Short Status of the PdBI; Roberto Neri

09:35       GiLDAS; Jérôme Pety


09:50       Presentations of Users (10min / user)

10:30       Coffee Break

10:45       Open discussion (direction Javier Alcolea, SAC)

                 Menu Items: Information Flow, Pool Observations, Remote Observing, Large Programs,

                                       Status of Data Archiving, From Observations to Publication, Reliability of

                                       Instruments and Facilities, ....     

12:30       Closing of Meeting