Scientific Program


Monday, September 28th, 2009


14:00       Welcome & Introductory Speeches                     

                 Dominique Le Quéau (Director of INSU)
                 Wolfgang Hasenclever (Former Secretary General of the MPG)
                 Fernando Puig de la Bellacasa Aguirre (Secretary General, Spanish Ministerio Fomento)

                 Rainer Koepke (Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Head Scientific Research)     
                 Geneviève Fioraso (Member of French Parliament, Deputy Major of Grenoble)

                 Jean-Louis Monin (Director LAOG)


15:00       Historical Overview of IRAM                 Chair: James Lequeux

             The Beginnings of IRAM                                            Pierre Encrenaz

                  The Early Participation of Spain in IRAM                Jesus Gomez Gonzalez

                  Personal Reflections on major topics

                  during my time at IRAM                                           Michael Grewing


16:00                                        Pause


The IRAM Facilities                                           Chair: Albert Greve

16:30       The 30 meter Telescope                                           Jaap Baars

17:00       The Plateau de Bure Interferometer                       Stéphane Guilloteau

17:30       Technical Developments                                          Bernard Lazareff

17:50       An Outsider View                                                       Paul Vanden Bout


19:30       Celebratory Cocktail/Dinner

                  Later: opening of the dance floor!



Tuesday, September 29th, 2009


Solar System                                                  Chair: Clemens Thum

08:30       The Solar System: Planets and Comets                 Thérèse Encrenaz


Star Formation

08:50       The formation of Low-Mass Stars                          Philippe André

09:10       The formation of High-Mass Stars                         Karl Menten

09:30       Molecular Outflows                                                   Rafael Bachiller

09:50       Large Scale CO Emission in the Orion Nebula      Nuria Marcelino

10:00       From Gamma-Rays to Millimeter Wavelengths

                 Hunting for Cosmic Rays                                          Pierre Hily-Blant


10:10                                     Pause


Circumstellar Disks and Astrochemistry        Chair: Frédéric Gueth

10:40       Protoplanetary Disks -

                  The Infrared Perspective                                        Thomas Henning

11:00       Circumstellar Disks                                                 Anne Dutrey

11:20       Cold Debris Disks around Low-Mass

                  M-Dwarfs                                                                   Jean-François Lestrade

11:30       Hunting for Molecules                                              José Cernicharo

11:50       Astrochemistry                                                         Ewine van Dishoeck

12:10       Nitrogen Isotopic Fractionation NH3                     Darek Lis

12:20       A New Molecular Ion; CH2D+                                   Evelyne Roueff


12:30                                     Lunch


Interstellar Medium & Evolved Stars                 Chair: Edith Falgarone

14:00       The Complexity of the ISM                                      Harvey Liszt

14:20       A Detailed Study of the Horsehead Nebula          Javier R. Goicoechea

14:30       Absorption Spectroscopy of the ISM                    Maryvonne Gérin      

14:40       Evolved Stars                                                             Robert Lucas


Nearby Galaxies (I)                                            Chair: Carsten Kramer

15:00       Large-scale Mapping of Nearby Galaxies             Michel Guélin

15:20       Survey of galaxies with HERA                                 Frank Bigiel

15:40       HERA Results on NGC6822 and M33                    Pierre Gratier


15:50                                     Pause


Nearby Galaxies (II)                                           Chair: Javier Alcolea

16:20       Galactic Nuclei: NUGA project                                Françoise Combes

16:40       Molecular line probes of Activity in Galaxies       Santiago Garcia-Burillo

17:00       The Dense Molecular Gas in Galaxies                    Yu Gao

17:10       Formaldehyde Densitometry of Starburst

                  Galaxies                                                                      Jeff Mangum

17:20       PdBI Quasar Polarization Survey                             Sascha Trippe

17:30       Galactic Nuclei and Jets: mm-VLBI                         Anton Zensus


                                 conference dinner & Banquet Speech

                           in honor of Michael Grewing



Wednesday, September 30th, 2009


Cosmic Evolution (I)                                          Chair: Roberto Neri

09:00       First Studies of high-z Galaxies                             Alain Omont

09:20       Sub-millimeter Galaxies                                          Linda Tacconi

09:40       High-z Quasars and Re-ionization                        Fabian Walter

10:00       Molecular Absorption Studies                                Sébastien Muller


10:10                                 Pause


Cosmic Evolution (II)                                         Chair: Amiel Sternberg

10:40       Lensed High-z Sources                                           Ian Smail

11:00       Deep Field Surveys                                                   Andrew Baker

11:20       Millimeter High-z Gamma-Ray Burst                    Alberto J. Castro-Tirado

11:30      GISMO - a 2 mm Bolometer Camera for

                 Observing High-z Sources                                      Johannes Staguhn

11:40       Searching for the First Galaxies                            Frédéric Boone


11:50                               Lunch


Future Developments & the Sub/mm

Landscape                                                         Chair: Alain Baudry

13:30       IRAM and ALMA                                                         Paul Ho

13:50       IRAM and the e-VLA                                                 Chris Carilli

14:10       IRAM and Space Projects                                         François-Xavier Désert

14:30       Instrumental Developments                                   Karl Schuster

14:50       The NOEMA Project                                                   Pierre Cox

15:10       Conclusions                                                               Reinhard Genzel


                                       Final Coffee and Tee