The Science Operations Group

The NOEMA Science Operations Group (SOG) is staffed with astronomers that serve as astronomers-on-duty to optimise the scientific return of the instrument, directly on the site or remotely from Grenoble.

SOG astronomers provide technical support and expertise on the Northern Extended Millimeter Array (NOEMA) to investigators and visiting astronomers for questions related to the calibration, pipeline-processing and archiving of NOEMA data. The SOG is in charge of monitoring the system to assess the data quality and the instrumental performance, and of developing the NOEMA data calibration pipeline.

The SOG members are:

  • Stefano Antonellini, Astronomer
  • Vinod Arumugam, Astronomer
  • Laure Bouscasse, Astronomer
  • Michael Bremer, Astronomer
  • Arancha Castro-Carrizo, Astronomer
  • Edwige Chapillon, Astronomer
  • Alessandra Contursi, Astronomer
  • Orsolya Fehér, Astronomer
  • Melanie Krips, NOEMA Scientific Coordinator
  • Ana Lopez-Sepulcre, Astronomer
  • Roberto Neri, NOEMA Project Scientist
  • Jan Martin Winters, Astronomer
  • Ka Tat Wong, Astronomer

For any question, please contact the SOG.