Find here documents related to the preparation of proposals, documents mostly relevant to the operation of the interferometer (of interest for astronomers with special observing), and other documents. We refer to GILDAS for the main documentation related to the calibration and reduction of data obtained with PdBI and NOEMA. GILDAS, the Grenoble Image and Line Data Analysis Software, is a joint effort of IRAM and the Observatoire de Grenoble.


Proposal preparation

An Introduction to the IRAM NOEMA interferometer is a description of the NOEMA interferometer. This is a must for the astronomers preparing observing proposals. It has been updated and includes a description of the NOEMA capabilities. Most recent information on the current status and the observing capabilities of NOEMA can also be found on the Call for Proposal page.

The PolyFix correlator modes and ASTRO commands to set up the new NOEMA correlator are described here.
The ASTRO Manual, ASTRO, A Software To pRepare Observations, is a simple astronomical package to plot source visibilities, compute observing frequency setup, find phase calibrators, etc...

Data calibration

The CLIC Manual, CLIC, Continuum and Line Interferometer Calibration, is the calibration software for data of the NOEMA array.
Amplitude Calibration, describes the primary amplitude calibration: atmospheric calibration receiver and telescope dependent parameters. This document also applies for the 30-m calibration.
Calibration CookBook, a supplement to the CLIC manual, contains simple receipes to calibrate interferometer data.