Data reduction

Data reduction is in general carried out by the proposers at IRAM Grenoble. In exceptional cases, however, remote data reduction is possible. In these cases, please contact your local contact and the scientific coordinator.


Travel preparation

Visits must be announced at least two weeks in advance. Contact the scientific secretary as soon as possible for your travel dates. Please do consult the conditions for financial support for visiting astronomers.

To avoid overbooking the computer facilities, no more than two groups are accepted simultaneously. Please consult the visitor list before you get in touch with IRAM.

IRAM is closed from Friday 6pm to Monday 8am. Please arrive at IRAM within the business hours. Late arrivals or arrivals during the week-end should be arranged with an IRAM collaborator or with the local contact. Find here information on how to reach IRAM Grenoble.

Hotel accomodation is usually booked by IRAM in a 2stars hotel downtown.


Data reduction

About three days are required to reduce a typical project. Some project requires less time, others more. You're invited to consult with your local contact before deciding on the duration of your stay.
A project account is in general allocated for a period of two weeks (starting the first day of your stay) and is automatically removed at the end of that period (no archiving, no warning).

Contact your Local Contact in case you need more time. Reduced data can either be transferred via scp to your home institute, or archived on CDROM or DVD. Please reserve a few hours to archive the data, and verify that the archive is readable once you are back to home.

Information on the files you find on your project account when logging in for the first time, on how to write FITS files from GILDAS files, etc. will be given to you in Grenoble. Documentation on the reduction software and on how to calibrate and create maps with the GILDAS software is available on the IRAM Web pages.