The Computer Group


The computer group provides support in all domains where Information Technologies are used in the institute.

This includes:

  • The control, monitoring and data acquisition for the antennnas, the receivers and to some extent the instruments present at the Pico Veleta and NOEMA observatories.
  • The facilities for designing, simulating, drawing, developing and testing new hardware in the labs.
  • The powerful workstations for calibrating, reducing, producing images and analyzing of astronomical data.
  • The servers for the administration, the personal computers support, the WEB, and the overall security.
  • A Network Attached Storage for increased and redundant file and data availability and a Storage Area Network for extremely reliable services like observations at the Plateau de Bure or mail reception, WEB or some administrative tasks.

The hardware involved ranges from the single board computer for the real time controls through the PCs for complex and heavy back-end processing or for everyday development work, to commercial raid solutions for NAS and SAN implementations.