Due to the virtual format of the 10th IRAM 30m School, we'll make use of an online platform to deliver talks and allow for nteraction among participants.


The 2021 LOC encourages you to register on our platform before the school.

As a participant, you should have received an e-mail with registration instructions. If that's not the case, please contact at your ealiest convenience the LOC at school2021_loc@iram.es

You can find a tutorial on how to register with the IRAM 2021 School online
platform here: youtu.be/X3aYW3ym1eM

For your convenience, here is the registration command that you will need to
use in the #registration channel (you can paste it as is):

!register John Doe, IRAM-NNN-0099

And here is the link to join: discord.gg/UTqWABgmkX

IMPORTANT: If you already registered (and we know some of you already did),
you do not need to re-register. Just head over to the #social channel and
enjoy the good company.

For any doubt, please head over #helpdesk on our online platform. When all
fails, contact the LOC (school2021_loc@iram.es) ;-)