MPG-IRAM Observatory Programs (MIOP)


Following a decision of the IRAM partners to value asymmetric investments through dedicated observatory type GTO* programs, observations of the MPG-IRAM Observatory Programs (MIOP) have started during the winter semester 2019. Respective programs are run under Large Program Policy with special source protection. The policy is thus equivalent to the one which has been adopted for the NIKA2 GTO. MIOP has a duration of five years with 225h NOEMA observing time per semester.

The abstracts of the individual MIOPs and their related protected source lists** can be viewed under the following links:


All protected sources from the individual MIOP lists can be also found here.


*Guaranteed Time Observations
**Please note that the source lists may be updated throughout the 5-year duration of MIOP and will be fenced against any new observing requests.