Presentation files

(November 2016)

All files are in pdf format and are <10 MB (except if indicated).

Fundamentals of mm interferometry

mm astronomy (R. Neri) (50 MB)
Antennas and their calibration (M. Bremer)
Interferometry and aperture synthesis (J. Pety)
Millimeter interferometers (F. Gueth) (11 MB)


NOEMA  (R. Neri) (27 MB)
How to use NOEMA (J.M. Winters) (42 MB file)
PMS (C. Lefevre)
NOEMA: next steps (F. Gueth)
NOEMA correlator modes (J. Boissier)


ALMA & how to use it (E. Chapillon)


Calibration principles (F. Gueth)
Atmospheric phase calibration (M. Bremer)
Absolute flux calibration (A. Castro-Carrizo)
Real-time calibrations (V. Pietu) (13 MB)

Imaging & data analysis

Imaging and deconvolution (J. Pety)
Imaging and deconvolution: mosaiking (J. Pety)
Low signal-to-noise data analysis (F. Gueth)
UV plane analysis (M. Montarges) (16 MB file)
Self-calibration (V. Pietu)
Pipeline (A. Castro-Carrizo)


GILDAS (J. Pety)
Tutorial SIC (S. Bardeau)
Tutorial GREG (S. Bardeau)
Tutorial Data Cubes (S. Bardeau)
Tutorial Weeds (S. Bardeau)
Tutorial Linedb (S. Bardeau)

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