The goal of the tutorials is to give you a flavor of how interferometric data are processed, not to go into all details - obviously, anybody interested should invest (much) more time after the school to exercise with the tutorial and other data.

You need to bring a laptop with you (let us know if this is a problem). A few hundreds of MB of disk space will be sufficient for the tutorials. Below are links to the software and test data we will use. Please do not try to download the data at the very last minute.

Data to download: NOEMA_Tutorial.tgz (19 MB).

Software to install: sep16b version of Gildas

The installation steps for Max OSX, Linux, and MS Windows are described here: http://www.iram.fr/~gildas/dist/gildas.README

Please install Gildas at your institute before the school, since building time can be large on some systems. In case of trouble, contact gildas@iram.fr before the school for support, or ask the Gildas people during the school.