IRAM Science Software User Meeting 2016

Speakers and Topics

Wednesday April, 6th


  • Scope and overview J.Pety (IRAM)
  • ASTRO: Presparing your observations J.Boissier (IRAM)
  • Proposal/Observatory Management System E.Reynier (IRAM)
  • Evolution of the GILDAS data formats (GDF,CLASSIC) S.Bardeau (IRAM)


  • MRTCAL: Spectrometer calibration J.Pety and/or S.Bardeau (IRAM)
  • CLASS: Spectrometer data reduction S.Bardeau and/or J.Pety (IRAM)
  • WEEDS: CLASS interface to the line databases S.Maret (IPAG)
  • Importing Herschel spectra into CLASS D.Teyssier (ESAC)


  • OBS A.Castro-Carrizo (IRAM)
  • CLIC/RDI: Calibration engines V.Piétu (IRAM)
  • Calibration pipelines A.Castro-Carrizo (IRAM)
  • MAPPING: Wideband deconvolution and self-calibration S.Guilloteau (LAB)

A few Gildas power users

  • Heidelberg TBC
  • Koln TBC
  • Munich TBC
  • Paris L.Pagani (Obs. de Paris/LERMA)
  • Madrid J. Alcolea  (OAN) : "Other (non-standard) uses of GILDAS"
  • Madrid CSIC (MAPPING and ALMA) G.Quitana-Lacaci (CSIC)

Apr. 7th and 8th: Detailed tutorials


  • Mathematics
  • Scripting
  • Dealing with 1D data (curves/histograms/scatter plots)
  • Dealing with 2D data (channel maps / position velocity)
  • Importing ALMA position-position-frequency cubes
  • Fitting models and bayesian approaches


  • Interacting with the ATM atmospheric modelisation
  • Source and planets ephemerides
  • Frequency setups


  • Interacting with a set of IMBFITS files
  • Calibration pipeline
  • Tweaking the automatic calibration


  • Generalities
  • Reducing line surveys
  • Reducing wide-field imaging
  • Line fitting


  • Importing ALMA visibilities
  • Pratical phase self-calibration
  • Merging SD and interferometric data