IRAM Science Software User Meeting 2016

Some practical information :

Location: IRAM/Grenoble - Large Conference Room
Dates: April 6th-8th, 2016

Organizing committee : S.Bardeau, C.Berjaud, P. Mellado, J.Pety (Chair)

Accomodation: You may want to book in the following hotels, where IRAM has got negociated prices (Please mention IRAM when booking) :


  • Is there a conference fee? No.
  • Do I have to organize my hotel/meals? Yes, except lunch offered by IRAM
  • What about health insurance? IRAM has no health insurance for visitors. Either you should have a travel insurance or, if you are in a European social security system, bring the necessary international documents or cards.
  • Should I bring my laptop? Yes, if you want to be able to run the tutorials at the same time they will be presented. For your comfort and future use we advise you install Gildas on your laptop. The installation steps for Max OSX, Linux, and MS Windows are described here:

Please pick up the following version of Gildas:

If possible, we suggest to install Gildas at your institute before the meeting, since network traffic will be limited and building time can be large on some systems. In case of trouble, please feel free to contact : for support, or ask the Gildas people during the school.