IRAM Science Software User Meeting 2016 Scientific Program

The meeting will start on April 6th at 09:30am and will end on April 8th, at 5pm.

Wednesday, Apr. 6th 2016

09h30-10h00 Welcome coffee
10h00-10h25 Scope and overview J.Pety (IRAM)
10h25-10h50 ASTRO: Presparing your observations J.Boissier (IRAM)
10h50-11h15 Proposal/Observatory Management System E.Reynier (IRAM)
11h15-11h40 Evolution of the GILDAS data formats (GDF,CLASSIC) S.Bardeau (IRAM)


11h40-12h05 MRTCAL: Spectrometer calibration J.Pety (IRAM)
12h05-12h30 Importing Herschel spectra into CLASS D.Teyssier (ESAC)

12h30-14h00 Lunch at IRAM
14h00-14h25 CLASS: Spectrometer data reduction S.Bardeau (IRAM)
14h25-14h50 WEEDS: CLASS interface to the line databases S.Maret (IPAG)

14h50-15h05 OBS  A.Castro-Carrizo (IRAM)
15h05-15h30 CLIC/RDI: Calibration engines V.Piétu (IRAM)
15h30-15h55 Calibration pipelines A.Castro-Carrizo (IRAM)

15h55-16h15 Coffee Break
16h15-16h40 MAPPING: Wideband deconvolution and self-calibration S.Guilloteau (LAB)

A few Gildas power users
16h40-17h05 A user view on GILDAS L.Pagani (Obs. de Paris/LERMA)
17h05-17h30 Other (non-standard) uses of GILDAS J.Alcolea (OAN)
17h30-17h55 Using MAPPING on ALMA data G.Quitana-Lacaci (CSIC)
17h55-18h15 General discussion

Thursday, Apr. 7th

09h00-10h00 Tutorial SIC S.Bardeau and J.Pety (IRAM)
10h00-10h30 Tutorial GREG I Basics S.Bardeau (IRAM)

10h30-11h00 Coffee Break

11h00-11h45 Tutorial GREG II Dealing with LMV cubes J.Pety (IRAM)
11h45-12h30 Tutorial GREG III Building complex figures J.Pety (IRAM)

12h30-14h00 Lunch at IRAM
14h00-15h00 Tutorial ASTRO J.Boissier (IRAM)
15h00-15h45 Demo CLIC Pipeline A.Castro-Carrizo (IRAM)

15h45-16h15 Coffee Break
16h15-17h00 Tutorial MAPPING/Basics J.Pety (IRAM)
17h00-17h30 Tutorial SIC and fitting S.Guilloteau (LAB)
17h30-18h00 Tutorial SIC/linedb S.Bardeau (IRAM)

Friday, Apr. 8th

09h00-09h30 Tutorial MRTCAL S.Bardeau (IRAM)
09h30-10h00 Tutorial CLASS I Basics S.Bardeau (IRAM)
10h00-11h00 Tutorial CLASS II Imaging J.Pety (IRAM)

11h00-11h30 Coffee Break
11h30-12h00 Tutorial CLASS III Line surveys J.Pety (IRAM)
12h00-12h30 Tutorial SIC/python S.Bardeau (IRAM)

12h30-14h00 Lunch at IRAM
14h00-14h45 Tutorial MAPPING/ALMA E.Chapillon (IRAM/LAB)
14h45-15h30 Tutorial MAPPING/Short spacings J.Pety (IRAM)

15h30-16h00 Coffee Break
16h00-17h00 Managing delays or open discussion on user's problems