The IRAM data policy is as follows:

  • IRAM organizes storage of raw and online calibrated data for the 30m telescope and storage of raw data for NOEMA/PdB on unlimited time scales. 
  • Header information of PdB/NOEMA observations later than 1991 can be found at the CDS (Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg):
  • Header information of 30m observations later than 2009 can be found at the CDS:
  • Observing programs are distinguished between normal programs and large programs. Data from large programs are public in reduced format after an 18 month proprietary period (counting from the end of the last semester of observations) and are accessible through the IRAM Large Program archive.
  • Raw data from NOEMA/PdBI or online calibrated data from the 30m telescope of individual normal programs may be provided by IRAM after a three year proprietary period (again counting from the end of the last semester of observations) and depending on directors decision. Multiple large scale requests are excluded.


IRAM does not provide support for data reduction of such retrieved data. Referencing of these data should follow the standard IRAM reference (see the Data publication policies) and in addition include at least one reference to publications of the PI team, or the PI name and program number in case the data have not yet been published.