Inauguration day of the 1st NOEMA antenna

Monday, September 22, 2014 at the IRAM headquarters

(The official language for the inauguration day is English)


From 2 p.m.     Arrival of the guests at the IRAM headquarters


14:25                The Plateau de Bure Observatory seen from the sky - two short introductory films


14:30                Welcome address (Frédéric Gueth, IRAM Vice Director)


14:40                Direct video link to the Plateau de Bure Observatory:

                         Inauguration of the 1st NOEMA antenna by the Presidents of CNRS and MPG as

                         well as official governmental representatives of the French and German Research



15:00                Presentation of IRAM (Frédéric Gueth)


15:20                Presentation of the NOEMA project (Roberto Neri)


15:40                The Plateau de Bure and the first NOEMA antenna - a video presentation


15:55                The IRAM 30-meter telescope (Carsten Kramer)


16:15                Coffee break


16:45                Introduction (Karl-Friedrich Schuster, IRAM Director)


16:50                NOEMA - scientific output and expected results (Reinhard Genzel)


17:05                Official speeches


  • Martin Stratmann (President of the Max Planck Society)
  • Pascale Delecluse (Director of the French INSU)
  • Susanne Wasum-Rainer (Ambassadress of the Federal Republic of Germany)
  • Elisabeth Vergès (French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research)
  • Eric Piolle (First Mayor of Grenoble)
  • Patrick Lévy (President of the University Joseph Fourier)


17h45               Cocktail