Preparation of proposal submission

Proposal editors will have to create a PMS account to be able to login and prepare/submit their proposals. To do so, just click the link above and follow the instructions on-screen.

The submission procedure consists in fi lling in an on-line form with the details of the requested observations (source coordinates, receiver setups, array confi guration, etc.), and to upload a single fi le in pdf format containing the scientific justifi cation. A LATEX template is provided from the PMS submission page for your convenience. You may customize this file, or generate the pdf fi le with another software, but in any case proposers should respect the following requirements:

(1) A normal proposal may contain up to two pages of text describing the scientific aims and the technical justification (4 pages for a Large Program)
(2) you may add up to two pages of figures, tables, and references (but don't mix text with figures, tables, or references!)
(3) the font size must be 11pt or larger.

For a proposal to be complete, PMS requires that all authors validate their identity (e-mail and affiliation) and their participation to the proposal before the deadline. The editor of the proposal will have to send invitations to all authors through PMS by clicking an invitation button. Authors will then receive an e-mail asking them to validate their contact information already entered in PMS by the editor. This does not require the authors to create an account in PMS. We urge proposal editors to invite the authors through PMS well before the deadline to give them enough time to validate their identity before the deadline.

PMS will be opened for submission of new proposals about two weeks before the deadline. Proposers may modify their proposals in PMS until the deadline, in which case the submit button must be clicked again after modification of the proposal.