Lecturers and topics

Lecturers: Francois-Xavier Desert, Nicolas Peretto, Asuncion Fuente, Bertrand Lefloch, Helmut Wiesemeyer, Nicolas Biver, Alessandro Navarrini, Jerome Pety, Manuel Gonzalez, Carsten Kramer

Technical Assistants: Sebastien Bardeau, Pierre Gratier, Clement Druard, Sandra Morales, Manuel Gonzalez, Albrecht Sievers, and Israel Hermelo


  • Basic Physical Processes in Molecular Clouds,
    Chemistry: From pre-stellar cores to protostars

    by Bertrand Lefloch (Obs. Grenoble)
  • Magnetic fields and Polarimetry,
    Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)

    by Helmut Wiesemeyer (MPIfR Bonn)
  • Solar System: Planets, Moons, and Comets
    by Nicolas Biver (OBSPM, Paris)
  • Photon dominated regions
    by Asuncion Fuente (OAN, Madrid)
  • Continuum arrays, observations, sources,
    New results from Planck and Herschel
    by Francois-Xavier Desert (IPAG Grenoble)
  • Low- and High-Mass Star formation
    by Nicolas Peretto (CEA, Paris)
  • Heterodyne receivers
    by Alessandro Navarrini (IRAM/Grenoble)
  • CLASS/GILDAS - a data processing software,
    Combining single dish and interferometer data - the nearby galaxy M51
    by Jerome Pety (IRAM, Grenoble)
  • Introduction to millimeter astronomy,
    Millimeter calibration

    by Carsten Kramer (IRAM/Granada)