Presentation files

(26 November 2012)

All files are in pdf format and are <10 MB (except if indicated).


Fundamentals of mm interferometry

Introduction to mm astronomy (P. Cox)
Mm antennas and their calibration (P. Hily-Blant)
Interferometry and aperture synthesis (J. Pety)
Millimeter interferometry (F. Gueth) 


The Plateau de Bure interferometer

The Plateau de Bure interferometer (V. Pietu) (47 MB file)
GILDAS (J. Pety)
Using the Plateau de Bure in practice (J.M. Winters) (42 MB file)



Calibration principles (F. Gueth)
Atmospheric phase calibration (M. Bremer)
Absolute flux calibration (M. Krips, talk given by A. Castro-Carrizo)
PdBI calibration in practice (V. Pietu)



Imaging and deconvolution (J. Pety)
Mosaics and short-spacings (F. Gueth)
Low signal-to-noise data analysis (S. Guilloteau, talk given by V. Pietu)
UV plane analysis (C. Feruglio) (16 MB file)
Imaging & data analysis in practice (J. Pety)
Tutoral demo scrips:,


The ALMA project

ALMA (F. Gueth) (25 MB file)
Using ALMA in practice  (G. Dumas)
ALMA data processing (E. Villard)