Scientific Program

Monday October 15

Fundamentals of mm interferometry

08h30 09h15 Registration  
09h15 09h30 Welcome address  
09h30 10h30 mm astronomy science P. Cox
    IRAM and the NOEMA project P. Cox
10h30 11h00 Break  
11h00 12h00 Antennas & their calibration P. Hily-Blant (IPAG)                     
13h30 14h30 Interferometry and aperture synthesis J. Pety
14h30 16h00 mm interferometry F. Gueth
16h00 16h30 Break  
16h30 18h00 The Plateau de Bure interferometer V. Pietu


Tuesday October 16


09h00 10h30 Calibration principles   F. Gueth
10h30 11h00 Break  
11h00 12h00 Atmospheric phase correction M. Bremer
13h30 14h15 Poster session  
14h15 14h30 GILDAS J. Pety
14h30 15h30 Absolute flux calibration                     M.Krips / A.Castro-Carrizo       
15h30 16h00 Break  
16h00 17h30 PdBI calibration in practice V. Pietu                   


School dinner at Caffe Forte


Wednesday October 17



09h00 11h00 Imaging & deconvolution                      J. Pety                                        
11h00 11h30 Break  
11h30 12h30 UV plane analysis C. Feruglio 


Tutorial Bure

14h00 18h00  including demo. calibration                                                                    


Thursday October 18

09h00 10h00 Mosaics & short-spacings                 F. Gueth
10h00 11h00 Low signal-to-noise data analysis S. Guilloteau (LAB) / V.Pietu
11h00 11h30 Break  
11h30 12h30 How to use the PdBI JM. Winters


Tutorial Bure

14h00 18h00 including demo imaging/analysis                                                    


Friday October 19 


09h00 10h00    ALMA F. Gueth                    
10h00 11h00 How to use ALMA G. Dumas
11h00 11h30 Break  
11h30 12h30 ALMA data processing                               E. Villard (JAO/ALMA)                  


Tutorial ALMA

14h00 17h00 incl. demo ALMA processing                                                                  


17h00       End of the school