Financial support to visiting astronomers on mission to the 30m telescope

Financial support is granted to the Principal Investigators from institutes in the IRAM member states on a 30m observing mission to the 30m telescope. IRAM provides free transportation, board and lodging to these astronomers. Only under exceptional circumstances, financial support can be provided for an additional astronomer, and after prior consent by IRAM.

I. Eligible scientists from the IRAM member states

  • France: Astronomers working at French observatories and universities.
  • Germany: Astronomers working at Max-Planck Institutes.
  • Astronomers working at German universities may also be eligible to travel reimbursement, provided they fill a special form.
  • Spain: Astronomers working at the Instituto Geografico Nacional.

Rules for Reimbursement

When supported by IRAM, visitors can have their travel organised by IRAM

  • AIR: The reimbursement of flight tickets is made on the basis of the cheapest price available for a roundtrip. The authorization by IRAM must be obtained for any exception to this regulation. Public transportation (shuttle) from and to the airport, should be used. Taxis are reimbursed only if a bus or train service is not available at the time of flights (please keep all receipts).

  • TRAIN: For travel by train, the costs of a 2nd class ticket will be reimbursed. Supplements for high-speed trains and sleeper are eligible expenses.

  • CAR: Mileage expenses by private car are not reimbursed by IRAM.

  • ACCOMODATION: IRAM/Granada will organize accomodation in the IRAM/Granada residencia upon arrival and departure, and at the 30m telescope.

Reimbursement procedure

After having received the travel form (see here), visiting astronomers will be sent the Travel Request Form which is to be filled in after the run, signed and sent to IRAM (Attention: “Service des Missions”), together with trip tickets and all necessary receipts (see below). Spanish astronomers should send the form to IRAM Granada, all others should send it to IRAM Grenoble.

Information on how to fill-out the IRAM travel request form:  Fill in all the left hand side of the travel request form, don’t omit to sign it and to report all the amounts to be refunded. In the part “means of transport” please indicate under “prepaid by” who paid for the flight or ticket train. Every receipt  has to be enclosed in order to make calculation and control task easier. In the “lodging” rubric, please indicate in the section, “number of free meals to be substracted “ whenever meals were provided. If you included some private time during your mission, please note the details of your trip plans on a separate sheet, with your e-mail and a phone number.

If it is your first reimbursement claim, please provide your banking information.

II. Scientists eligible for TA (ORP) support

The European program, OPTICON-RadioNet Pilot (ORP), has been put in place by the European Commission. The ORP project has received funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004719. The project will provide travel support similar to RadioNet which terminated end of 2020. Within this program, IRAM is committed to offering Transnational Access (TA) for scientists from all over the world. All TA-supported projects that are scheduled at the NOEMA interferometer or at the 30-meter telescope must acknowledge the support from the European Union.


As part of this initiative, travel funds are available to support visits of TA eligible astronomers engaged in research with the IRAM facilities. Travels may be supported to the 30-meter telescope for observations (contact: C. Kramer) and to IRAM Grenoble for the reduction of NOEMA data (contact: J.M. Winters). Please read the current call for proposals for any update on the rules.  The Principal Investigators of IRAM proposals eligible for TA funding will be informed individually.

III. Not supported astronomers

When free board, lodging and travel are not provided by IRAM, the charges are as follows :

Taxi Granada airport - Triunfo/Granada roughly 25 euros
Bus shuttle Granada airport – Triunfo/Granada 3 euros
Meals in the proximity of IRAM about 10 euros