The TAPAS Header Archive

All astronomical data headers from the IRAM 30m telescope are archived at the

The Telescope Access for Public Archive System (TAPAS) provides a homogeneous, and searchable database of the header information of all astronomical observations conducted at the IRAM 30m telescope. TAPAS was built in a collaborative effort between IRAM and IAA/CSIC. It contains more than 200 header variables for each observational scan, encompassing

  • information on the observing setup (source, frequency, observing mode, etc.),
  • information on the project (PI, Title, etc.),
  • the status of the system at the time of the observations (telescope, receiver, backend, weather, etc.),
  • and also the results of calibrations, of pointing and focus scans.

At present, TAPAS contains all header data taken between end of September 2009 and now. We are in the process of filling TAPAS with earlier data. Access is restricted to the PIs of running projects and IRAM staff. Access is restricted to PIs and IRAM staff.

After a proprietary period of one year, a subset of the header data is made publicly available at the Centre des Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS). This subset comprises coordinates, time on source, frequencies, observing modes, project IDs, etc..  Associated raw data files are not available via TAPAS.

To access the CDS Archive, we recommend connecting to the VizieR Catalogue Service. To have direct access to the IRAM 30m and NOEMA archive enter IRAM or B/IRAM as catalogue name. Access for searching and listing is open without restrictions to anyone.

We welcome and are keen to hear all users comments on the current database and suggestions on how it may be improved.