Presentation files

(Jnauary 6, 2011)

All files are in pdf format. 


The promise of ALMA

The ALMA project and construction status (W.Wild)
Herschel & ALMA (L.Testi)
Star formation with ALMA (S.Guilloteau)
Galaxy formation with ALMA (E.Daddi & F.Walter)

ALMA Science Operations

ALMA operations and the European ALMA Regional Center (P.Andreani)
The IRAM ARC node (F.Gueth)
ALMA time allocation committe (P.Andreani)

The ALMA system

Observing modes and real-time data processing (R.Lucas)
ALMA commissioning status and system performance (D.Barkats) (65 MB file)
Receivers & correlator modes (F.Gueth)
The ALMA simulator in GILDAS (J.Pety) 
The ALMA Pipeline (D.Muders)  

ALMA Early Science

Early Science: possible timelines and capabilities (L.Testi, P.Andreani)  

The Observing Tool

The ALMA Observing Tool: proposal preparation and submission (A.Bridger)   


The CASA software package (D.Petry)
A closer look at CASA (D.Petry)
ALMA simulator in CASA: simdata (E.van Kampen)