Presentation files

(December 16, 2010)

All files are in pdf format.  A gunzip tar file of all presentations (~86 MB) can be downloaded here


Fundamentals of mm interferometry

Introduction to mm astronomy (P.Cox)
Mm antennas and their calibration (P.Hily-Blant)
Interferometry and aperture synthesis (J.Pety)
Millimeter interferometry in practice (F.Gueth)
The development of high-resolution imaging in radio-astronomy (J.Moran)



The Plateau de Bure interferometer (R.Neri) 
Calibration principles (F.Gueth)
Atmospheric phase calibration (M.Bremer)
Absolute flux calibration (M.Krips)
Polarization issues (S.Trippe)
PdBI calibration in practice (V.Pietu)



Imaging and deconvolution (J.Pety)
Wide-field imaging and short-spacings (F.Gueth)
Sensitivity and noise (S.Guilloteau)
UV plane analysis (A.Castro-Carrizo)
Imaging & data analysis in practice (J.Pety)


The ALMA project

ALMA (F.Gueth)  (24 MB file)
The Observing Tool (P.Salomé)
CASA (D.Petry)


Science with the Plateau de Bure

Using the Plateau de Bure in practice (J.M.Winters) 
The study of comets in mm interferometry (J.Boissier)
GG Tau: the ring world (V.Pietu)
The NOEMA project (R.Neri)