6th IRAM 30m Summer School

Star formation - near and far

September 23 - 30, 2011 in Pradollano (Sierra Nevada, Spain)

IRAM 30m telescopeWe will use the IRAM 30m telescope to observe star forming regions in nearby Galactic molecular clouds, in the Galactic Center, in nearby galaxies, and in distant galaxies at the edge of the observable universe. A team of about ten researchers will give lectures on the science topics they have been working on, using recent data from the IRAM observatories and other millimeter and far-infrared facilites. These lectures will be complemented by dedicated lectures on millimeter instrumentation (frontends and backends), observing techniques, and data processing software.

This sixth 30m school is aimed at attracting new astrophysicists to current and future single-dish mm-, submm-, and far-infrared telescopes. Applications will be accepted from young scientists with little previous experience in mm-astronomy. The school is limited to about 40 students, who will be selected on the basis of their interests, CV, and references.

The school runs over one week from Friday to Friday, with six days of 4 to 5 hours of lectures, allowing ample time for small working groups to prepare, conduct, and reduce observations at the 30m telescope. The working groups are led by the lecturers, which will be supported by IRAM staff members. At the last day of the school, the results of the working groups will be presented and discussed. The Fridays are arrival and departure days.

This school is partially funded by the RadioNet FP7 program.

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