Scientific program

(Updated Nov. 23th 2010)



08h30 Registration and welcome coffee

(Chair : F.Gueth)

09h30 Opening/Welcome 

The promise of ALMA

09h45 The ALMA project & status 
           W.Wild (ESO, European ALMA Project Manager)

10h45 The promise of ALMA: Herschel & ALMA
            L.Testi (ESO, European ALMA Project scientist)

11h10 Highlight: Star formation with ALMA
            S.Guilloteau (Bordeaux)

11h35 Highlight: Galaxy formation with ALMA
            E.Daddi (CEA Saclay)

12h00 Break

(Chair : F.Wyrowski)

            P.Cox (IRAM Director)

ALMA Science Operations

14h30 The ALMA Operations and the ALMA Regional Center
            P.Andreani (ESO, European ARC manager)

16h00 Pause

16h30 The IRAM ARC node
            F.Gueth (IRAM ARC node manager)

16h45 The proposal review process: policies & procedures
            P.Andreani (ESO, European ARC manager)

17h30 Reception

19h00 End



(Chair: A.Dutrey) 

The ALMA system

09h00 Observing modes and real-time data processing
            R.Lucas (JAO, ALMA commissioning scientist)

09h45 ALMA commissioning and system performances
           D.Barkats (JAO, ALMA commissioning scientist)

10h45 Pause

11h15 Receivers & correlator modes
           F.Gueth (IRAM)

12h00 Break

(Chair: J.Cernicharo)

14h00 Imaging simulator in GILDAS
           J.Pety (IRAM)

15h00 The ALMA Pipeline
            D.Muders (MPIfR, ALMA Pipeline Heuristic lead)

16h00 Pause

ALMA early science

16h30 The ALMA Early Science Call for Proposal     
            L.Testi (ESO, European ALMA Project scientist)
            P.Andreani (ESO, European ARC manager)

17h30 Questions to ALMA/ARC/ESO staff
All questions you want to ask to the ALMA/ARC/ESO staff before writing your first proposal.

18h00 End


(Chair: M.Tafalla)

The Observing Tool (OT)

09h00 The ALMA Observing Tool
           A.Bridger (ATC, UK, OT development team leader)

10h00 OT demo & practical cases 
           E.van Kampen (ESO ARC)
           P.Salome (Obs. Paris)

10h30 Pause

11h00 OT demo (ctd)

12h30 Break

(Chair: M.Krips)


14h00 The CASA software package
           D.Petry (ESO ARC)

14h30 CASA demo
           J.Ott (NRAO, CASA Project Scientist)

15h30 Pause

16h00 ALMA simulator in CASA: simdata  
           E.van Kampen (ESO ARC)

16h45 A closer look at CASA
           D.Petry (ESO ARC)

17h30 Summary of the workshop

18h End of workshop