Scientific program

(September 24, 2010; Friday session modified October 7, 2010)


Monday October 4

Fundamentals of mm interferometry

09h00     Introduction to mm astronomy (P.Cox)
10h00     Pause
10h30     Mm antennas and their calibration (P.Hily-Blant, LAOG Grenoble)
11h30     Interferometry and aperture synthesis (J.Pety)

12h30     Lunch

14h00     Millimeter interferometry in practice (F.Gueth)
16h00     Pause
16h30     The development of high-resolution imaging in radio-astronomy
                 (J.Moran, CfA Harvard)

18h00     End


Tuesday October 5


09h00     The Plateau de Bure interferometer (R.Neri)
10h30     Pause
11h00     Calibration principles (F.Gueth)

12h30     Lunch

14h00     Atmospheric phase calibration (M.Bremer)
15h00     Absolute flux calibration (M.Krips)
15h45     Polarization issues (S.Trippe)
16h30     Pause
17h00     PdBI calibration in practice (V.Pietu)

18h30     End


Wednesday October 6


09h00     Imaging and deconvolution (J.Pety)
10h30     Pause
11h00     Wide-field imaging and short-spacings (F.Gueth)

12h00     Lunch

13h30     Sensitivity and noise (S.Guilloteau, LAB Bordeaux)
14h30     UV plane analysis (A.Castro-Carrizo)
15h30     Pause
16h00     Imaging & data analysis in practice (J.Pety)

17h30     End


Thursday October 7


Calibration and imaging tutorial (A.Castro-Carrizo)

09h00 - 13h00 Group 1

14h00 - 18h00 Group 2

Visit of the ESRF

IRAM organizes a guided tour of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility for all interested school participants

20h00     School Dinner  at the Caffè Forté (click here to see the menu)


Friday October 8

The ALMA project

09h00     ALMA (F.Gueth)
10h00     Pause
10h30     The Observing Tool (P.Salomé, LERMA Paris)
11h15     CASA (D.Petry, ESO)

12h30     Lunch

Science with the Plateau de Bure

14h00     Using the Plateau de Bure in practice (J.M.Winters)
15h15     Pause
15h45     Science with the Plateau de Bure - highlights
               (R.Neri, Y.Libert, J.Boissier, V.Pietu, M.Krips)
17h00     The NOEMA project (R.Neri)

17h30     End of school