Remote observations

Remote observing with the 30m telescope is now routinely possible.  The telescope is controlled in real time via vnc-viewers. Remote observations are restricted to experienced 30m observers.

Using dedicated stations for remote observations is not mandatory any longer. However, fully-equipped remote stations like the one at IRAM/Granada offer the advantage of large screens to accomodate the various displays necessary for the command interface and to monitor the observations. Other advantages are the readily available documentation and a phone, last-not-least local help is usually available. Please address your contact at the remote station well in advance.

It is always advisable as a safeguard, to send the pako observing scripts and a README with instructions to the Astronomer of Duty.

Station Contact
IRAM/Granada check the AoD schedule
OAN Madrid Javier Alcolea (j.alcolea AT

A concise guide to remote observations via vnc-viewers is available here for local users. Others should contact the IRAM scientific secretary <>.


  •  PV remote observing: +34 9582009
  •  IRAM Granada remote observing: +34 958499460
  •  IRAM Grenoble remote observing: +33 47682 4939