Data Reduction Support - NOEMA & ALMA

Face to face visits are cancelled until further notice. Thank you to check the possibility of a remote data reduction with your local contact.

For a more detailed information on IRAM guidelines during the corona virus epidemic, please consult this page.

Oncoming Remote Visitors

J. Pineda, S21AD, Roberto Neri (Remote)
W. Kim, 18/10/21 - 22/10/21, S21AQ, Laure Bouscasse (Remote)
M. Rosenthal, 25/10/21 - 29/10/21, S21CW, Edwige Chapillon (Remote)
Y. Khusanova, 01/11/21 - 05/11/21, S21DG, Orsolya Feher (Remote)
S. Widicus Weaver & W. Thompson, 08/11/21 - 12/11/21, S21AP, Ka Tat Wong (Remote)
M. Montarges, 15/11/21 - 19/11/21, W20BJ, Ka Tat Wong (Remote)
Y. Khusanova, 15/11/21 - 19/11/21, W20EG, Michael Bremer (Remote)
Shiying Lu, 22/11/21 - 26/11/21, W20BV, Edwige Chapillon (Remote)
N. Nesvadba, 22/11/21 - 26/11/21, S21BJ, Michael Bremer (Remote)
Fei Li, 06/12/21 - 10/12/21, W20BT, Melanie Krips (Remote)

Visitors in 2021

R. Guesten, 18/10/21 - 22 /10/21, W20BA, Ana Lopez-Sepulcre (Remote)
E. D'Onghia, 11/10/21 - 15/10/21, S21BY, A. Lopez-Sepulcre (Remote)
S. Ikarashi, 11/10/21 - 15/10/21, W20DX, V. Arumugam (Remote)
M. Neeleman, 27/09/21 - 01/10/21, W19DS, M. Krips (Remote)
F. Combes, 25/09/21 - 26/09/21, S21BX, L. Bouscasse (Remote)
E. D'Onghia, 20/09/21-24/09/21, W20DA, A. Lopez-Sepulcre (Remote)
Luo Gan, 6/9/21-10/9/21, W20BB, M.Bremer (Remote)
Shuowen Jin, 2/9/21 - 8/9/21, W20EE, M. Bremer (Remote)
D.Rybarczyk, 16/08/21 - 19/08/21, E20AA, JM.Winters (Remote)
K.Zhang, 09/08/21 - 13/08/21, S21CI, O.Feher (Remote)
E.Daddi & S.Jin, 09/08/21 - 13/08/21, W20DM, V.Arumugam (Remote)
H.Umehata, 02/08/21 - 06/08/21, S21CI, E. Chapillon (Remote)
G.Wong, 26/07/21 - 30/07/21, W20DD, M.Krips (Remote)
D.Liu, 26/07/21 - 30/07/21, W20DZ, V.Arumugam (Remote)
F.Combes, 17/07/21-20/07/21, W20DC, O.Feher (Remote)
M.van't Hoff, 19/07/21-23/07/21, W20AD,W20AE,W20AF, J.M.Winters (Remote)
M.Bouvier, 05/07/21-09/07/21, W20AQ, A.Lopez (Remote)
R.LeGal, 05/07/21-09/07/21, W20AJ, A.Lopez (Remote)
S.Dai, 28/06/21-02/07/21, S20BT, M.Krips (Remote)
C.Gieser, 14/06/21-18/06/21, W20AV, J.M.Winters (Remote)
R.Davies,24/05/21-28/05/21, W19BS, J.M.Winters (Remote)
V.Buat;JA.Zavala-Solano, 17/05/21-21/05/21, W20CK, O.Feher (Remote)
W.Kim, 11/05/21-14/05/21, S20AL, KT.Wong (Remote)
F.Combes, 10/05/21-14/05/21, S20BD, A.Lopez (Remote)
G.Castignani, 03/05/21-07/05/21, W20CO, M.Krips (Remote)
J. Huang, 26/04/21-30/04/21, W20BE, A. Lopez (Remote)
K.Onishi, 26/04/21-30/04/21, W20BY, V.Arumugam, (Remote)
M. Mizumoto, 12/04/21-16/04/21, W20CD, O. Feher (Remote)
H. Andrews, 01/04/21-09/04/21, W20BI, KT. Wong (Remote)
R. Meyer, 29/03/21-02/04/21, S20DB, V. Arumugam (Remote)
Ch.Feruglio,22/03/21-26/03/21, W19BR, M.Krips (Remote)
M. Rybak, 22/03/21-26/03/21, W20CM, J.M. Winters (Remote)
J.Bright, 15/03/21-15/03/21. D20AE, M.Krips (Remote)
Z. Zhang, 15/03/21-19/03/21, S20CE, O. Feher (Remote)
A. Garcia Rodriguez, 06/03/21-12/03/21, S20AZ, E. Chapillon (Remote)
J.Forbrich, 01/03/21-05/03/21, S20AX, J.Pety (Remote)
A. Stark, 01/03/21-05/03/21, W20EB, I. Cortzen (Remote)
A. Booth, 01/03/21-05/03/21, S20AT, O. Feher (Remote)
S. Garcia-Burillo, 22/02/21-26/02/21, W19BV, M. Bremer (Remote)
L. Jones, 19/02/21-26/02/21, S20CA, I. Cortzen (Remote)
R. Le Gal, 15/02/21-19/02/21, S20AH, A. Lopez (Remote)
J.T. Schindler, 01/02/21-14/02/21, S20CD, T. Wong (Remote)
M. Hou, 01/02/21-05/02/21, S20BJ, V. Aramugam (Remote)
T. Dharmawardena, 25/01/21-29/01/21, D20AD, K. Wong (Remote)
S. Murthy, 25/01/21-29/01/21, S20BH, O. Feher (Remote)
N. Kanekar, 19/01/21-25/01/21, S15BZ, K. Wong (Remote)
M. Kaasinen, 18/01/21-22/01/21, S20BV, I. Cortzen (Remote)
K. Zhang, 18/01/21-22/01/21, S20AR, O. Feher (Remote)
A.C. Eilers, 11/01/21-19/01/21, W19DU, V. Arumugam (Remote)
J. Chen, 04/01/21-08/01/21, S20BB, V. Arumugam (Remote)
E. Daddi, S. Jin, 11/01/21-15/01/21, W19DI, V. Arumugam (Remote)


Visitors in 2020

V. Wakelam, 14/12/20-18/12/20, S20AA, J.M. Winters (Remote)
K. Qiu, 14/12/20-18/12/20, S20AJ, O. Feher, (Remote)
D. Riechers, 08/12/20-10/12/20, X0CC, R. Neri) (Remote)
J. Montillaud, 07/12/20-11/12/20, S20AI, O. Feher (Remote)
M.J. Maureira, 30/11/20-04/12/20, S20AD, J.M. Winters (Remote)
R. Meyer, 26/11/20-04/12/20, S20CV, V. Arumugam (Remote)
J. Runnoe, 16/11/20-20/11/20, S17BD, M. Krips (Remote)
D. Navarro, 09/11/20-13/11/20, S20AE, C. Kramer (Remote)
S. Ikarashi, 04/11/20-06/11/20, S20CS, E. Chapillon (Remote)
Y. Khusanova, 02/11/20-04/11/20, S20CY, M. Krips (Remote)
D. Rybarczyk, 26/10/20-30/10/20, S20AB, J.M. Winters (Remote)
P. Caselli, 19/10/20-23/10/20, L19MB, A. Lopez, N. Cunningham (Remote)
M. Rybak, M. Frias Castillo, 12/10/20-16/10/20, S19CC, J.M. Winters (Remote)
E. Bianchi, 28/09/20-02/10/20, ALMA a06-1461, A. Lopez (Remote)
B. Mancillas, F. Combes, 20/09/20-25/09/20, W19BK, N. Cunningham (Remote)
U. Lisenfeld, 17/09/20-18/09/20, W19BL, K.T. Wong (Remote)
U. Lisenfeld, 15/09/20-16/09/20, S19BS, R. Neri (Remote)
T.M. Wang, 02/09/20-11/09/20, W19DN, M. Bremer (Remote)
A. Gusdorf, 17/08/20-21/08/20, W19AR, O. Feher (Remote)
K. Qiu, 27/07/20-31/07/20, W19AN, O. Feher (Remote)
K. Fogarthy, 27/07/20-31/07/20, W19AW, K.T. Wong (Remote)
D. Rybarczyk, 03/08/20-07/08/20, W19AQ, J.M. Winters (Remote)
N. Nesvadba, 04/08/20-07/08/20, D20AA, M. Krips (Remote)
P.I. Logan Jones, 10/08/20-17/08/20, W19DG, V. Arumugam (Remote)
M. van't Hoff, 13/07/20-17/07/20, W19AA, C. Lefèvre (Remote)
P. Caselli, 13/07/20, M19MB, A. Lopez (Remote)
M.J. Maureira, 14/07/20, W19AH, A. Lopez (Remote)
B. Lefloch, 15/07/20-17/07/20, E19AB, A. Lopez (Remote)
D. Segura-Cox, et al., 20/07/20-24/07/20, L19MB, N. Cunningham, A. Lopez (Remote)
A. Garcia Rodriguez, 06/07/20-10/07/20, Alma 2018.1.01530.S, K.T. Wong (Remote)
H. Linz, 29/06/20-03/07/20, W19AM, N. Cunningham (Remote)
N. Krieger, 29/06/20-10/07/20, W19BY, C. Herrera, M. Krips (Remote)
M.J. Maureira, 22/06/20-26/06/20, W19AH, A. Lopez (Remote)
M. Sun, 22/06/20-26/06/20, S19BP, O. Feher (Remote)
A. Gusdorf, 20/06/20-24/06/20, W19AR, O. Feher (Remote)
M. Swinbank, 15/06/20-19/06/20, S18CG, M. Krips (Remote)
P. Noterdaeme, F. Combes, 15/06/20-19/06/20, S20BZ, C. Herrera (Remote)
S.Chapman, 08/06/20-12/06/20, W19DB, M.Krips (Remote)
M. Swinbank, S. Ikarashi, 08/06/20-12/06/20, W18EL, C. Herrera (Remote)
C. Tremonti, 08/06/20-12/06/20, W19CF, O. Feher (Remote)
M. Rubio, 02/06/20-05/06/20, S19BM, C. Herrera (Remote)
J. Yang, 02/06/20-05/06/20, W18EI, C. Herrera (Remote)
Jinyi Yang, R. Decarli, 25/05/20-29/05/20, S19DP, O. Feher (Remote)
R. Decarli, 25/05/20-29/05/20, W19EB, V. Arumugam (Remote)
J. Kastner, 18/05/20-22/05/20, W19AS, C. Lefèvre (Remote)
F. Combes, D. Maschmann, 18/05/20-22/05/20, W19BN, C. Herrera (Remote)
K. Harrington, 28/04/20-15/05/20, S19CP/W19CS, N. Cunningham (Remote)
A. Garcia Rodriguez, 20/04/20-24/04/20, Alma 2018.1.01530.S, K.T. Wong (Remote)
L. Tacconi, R. Genzel, 02/04/20-03/04/20, L19MD, A. Contursi (Remote)
P. Cox, 11/03/20-13/03/20, Alma 2019.1.00103.S, E. Chapillon (Remote)
D. Liu, 02/03/20-13/03/20, W19DQ, V. Arumugam (Remote)
E. Bianchi, 02/03/20-06/03/20, Alma 2018.1.01461.S, A. Lopez (Remote)
E. Y. Khusanova, 24/02/20-28/02/20, S19DN, O. Feher (Remote)
O. Cucciati, (+ M. Talia), 24/02/20-26/02/20, S19CM, C. Lefèvre (Grenoble)
S. Ikarashi, 17/02/20-21/02/20, W19EA, N. Cunningham (Remote)
M. Gomez Garrido, 10/02/20-21/02/20, Alma 2018.1.01774.S, A. Castro Carrizo (Grenoble)
R. Decarli, 10/02/20-14/02/20, S19DL, O. Feher Remote)
M. Keppler, 01/02/20-07/02/20, Alma 2018.1.00638.S, E. Chapillon Grenoble)
R. Decarli, 30/01/20-13/02/20, S19CK, V. Arumugam (Remote)
I. Perez-Fournon, 02/02/20-06/02/20, W18EN, N. Cunningham (Grenoble)
D. Segura-Cox, 27/01/20-31/01/20, W18AS, A. Lopez (Grenoble)
J-T. Schindler, 27/01/20-29/01/20, S19CZ, J M. Winters (Grenoble)
K. Zhang, 22/01/20-29/01/20, S19AV, C. Lefèvre (Remote from UMICH)
ALMA Training for 4 ACO students 22/01/20-24/01/20, A. Lopez (Grenoble)
E. Falgarone, 13/01/20-17/01/20, Alma 2018.1.00966.S, K.T. Wong (Grenoble)
L. Zhou, 13/01/20-17/01/20, W17BT/W18CA, L. Zhou (Remote)
Z. Chen, 06/01/20-10/01/20, S19BL, O. Feher (Grenoble)
N. Nesvadba, 06/01/20-10/01/20, S19CU/S19DA, C. Lefèvre (Grenoble)

Visitors in 2019

S. Rojas, Y. Khusanova, 16/12/19-20/12/19, W18EG, C. Lefèvre (Grenoble)
S. Bontemps, 16/12/19-20/12/19, S19AS, A. Lopez (Remote)
H. Beuther, 09/12/19-13/12/19, W18AC, O. Feher (Remote)
E. Falgarone, 09/12/19-13/12/19, Alma 2018.1.00966.S, E. Chapillon (Grenoble)
Y. Lin, 02/12/19-06/12/19, S19AJ, O. Feher (Grenoble)
P. Hily-Blant, 02/12/19-06/12/19, Alma 2018.A.00055.S, E. Chapillon (Grenoble)
A. Rigby, 25/11/19-29/11/19, W18AK/S19AG, C. Lefevre (Grenoble)
M. Miroslova, 25/11/19-29/11/19, W18DE/S19BY, N. Cunningham (Grenoble)
S. Koenig, 25/11/19-29/11/19, W18CF, M. Krips (Grenoble)
S. Ikarashi, 21/11/19-22/11/19, S19CX, N. Cunningham (Grenoble)
I. Cortzen, 19/11/19-22/11/19, W18DT, M. Krips (Grenoble)
C. Favre, 13/11/19-14/11/19, S19AP, A. Lopez (remote from IPAG)
M. Bouvier, 04/11/19-15/11/19, Alma 2016.1.00376.S, A. Lopez (Grenoble)
S. Zhang, 28/10/19-31/10/19, Alma 2016.1.01346.S, A. Lopez (Grenoble)
R. Smit, 21/10/19-24/10/19, W18FC, N. Cunningham (Grenoble)
G. Castignani,14/10/19-18/10/19, S18CD, A. Lopez (Grenoble)
Y. Ono, 07/10/19-11/10/19, W18FB/S19DK, M. Krips, M. Bremer (Grenoble)
P. Jachym, 30/09/19-04/10/19, S16BD, C. Herrera (Remote from Prague)
N. Schneider, T. Csengeri, 30/09/19-04/10/19, M. Bremer (Remote)
D. Semenov, 23/09/19-27/09/19, W18BM, O. Feher (Grenoble)
J. Orkisz, 17/09/19-26/09/19, S18AK, J. Pety (Grenoble)
J. Freundlich, 16/09/19-20/09/19, W18DV, A. Lopez (remote from Obspm)
O. Zakhozhay, 09/09/19-13/09/19, W18BP, C. Lefevre (remote from Grenoble)
A. Calabro, 06/09/19-07/09/19, W18CX, C. Lefevre (Remote from Grenoble)
M. Maureira, 03/09/19-06/09/19, S18AJ, R. Neri (Grenoble, reducV2)
J. Freundlich, 03/09/19-06/09/19, W18CS, C. Lefevre (Grenoble, reducV1)
P. Dell'Ova, 26/08/19-30/08/19, W18AF, O. Feher, (Grenoble, reducV2)
P. Cox et al., 19/08/19-30/08/19, LP M18AB, R. Neri, (Grenoble, reducV1)
J. Wang, 20/08/19-23/08/19, S18BT/W18CN ,N. Cunningham (Grenoble, reducV2)
S. Ikarashi, 05/08/19-09/08/19, W18EX, M. Krips (remote from Delft Univ, NL)
D. Riechers, 05/08/19-09/08/19, S18DG, W18ES (remote from Cornell, US)
K. Zhang, 29/07/19-02/08/19, W18BN/D18AB, J.M. Winters, (Grenoble, reducV1)
J. Runnoe, 22/07/19-26/07/19, W17CS, A. Lopez (Remote, reducV2)
P. Guillard, R. Morganti, 15/07/19-19/07/19, W18CR, C. Lefèvre (Grenoble, reducV1)
J. Henshaw, 08/07/19-11/07/19, S18AA, V. Pietu (Grenoble, reducV2)
A. Coutens, 02/07/19-05/07/19, W18AO/W18AD, J.M. Winters, (Grenoble, reducV1)
V. Gieser, 01/07/19-05/07/19, LP L14AB, J. Pety (Grenoble, reducV1)
D. Spérone-Longin, 01/07/19-05/07/19, ALMA 2017.1.00257.S, K.T. Wong (Grenoble, reducV2)
R. Genzel, L. Tacconi, 25/06/19-05/07/19, W18DG/W18DH, R. Neri (Grenoble, reducV2)
J. Runnoe, 25/06/19-28/06/19, W17CS, A. Lopez (Remote, reducV2)
C. Favre, 17/06/19-21/06/19, ALMA 018.1.00810.S, E. Chapillon (Grenoble, reducV2)
H. Liu, 17/06/19-21/06/19, W18BW, N. Cunningham (Grenoble, reducV1)
E. Daddi, S. Jin, 11/06/19-14/06/19, S18DA - S18DI, N. Cunnigham (Grenoble, reducV1 + reducV2)
J. Goicoechea, 03/06/19-07/06/19, ALMA 2017.1.01280.S, E. Chapillon (Grenoble, reducV1)
M. Imai, 27/05/19-07/06/19, W18AL, A. Lopez (Grenoble, reducV2)
L. Zhou, 27/05/19-29/05/19, W18CA, O. Feher (Grenoble, reducV1)
F. Motte, 23/05/19-24/05/19, ALMA 2017.1.01355.L, A. Lopez (Grenoble, reducV2 + reducV1)
R. Decarli, 20/05/19-21/05/19, W18EM/W18EF, (remote)
S. Sawada-Satoh, S. Kameno, 13/05/19-17/05/19, W18CK, O. Feher (Grenoble, reducV1)
Y. Wang, 13/05/19-17/05/19, W18AX,S18AN, N. Cunningham, C. Lefèvre (Grenoble, reducV2)
D.T. Hoai, 06/05/19-10/05/19, W16BE, J.M. Winters, (Grenoble, reducV2)
L. Colzi, C. Mininni, 06/05/19-10/05/19, S18AQ, A. Lopez (Grenoble, reducV1)
F. Combes, 17/04/19-19/04/19, W18DZ, A. Lopez (Remote from LERMA Paris, reducV1)
R. Decarli, 15/04/19-19/04/19, W18EJ, O. Feher (remote from INAF, ReducV2)
J. White, 08/04/19-12/04/19, W18BQ, O. Feher (remote from Konkoly Obs, ReducV2)
Y. Fudamoto, 08/04/19-12/04/19, W18FD, J.M. Winters (remote from Uni Geneve, reducV1)
D. Navarro, 01/04/19-05/04/19, W18BO, R. Neri (Grenoble, reducV1)
A. Beelen, 27/03/19 - 29/03/19, S18CT/W17FA, R. Neri (Grenoble, reducV1)
C. Yang, 25/03/19 - 29/03/19, S18CT, R. Neri (Grenoble, reducV1)
M. Neeleman, 19/03/19 - 26/03/19, S18CK, W17DG, C. Lefevre (Grenoble, reducV2)
N. Laporte, 18/03/19 - 22/03/19, S18DQ, A. Lopez/O. Feher (Grenoble, reducV1)
P. Humire, 11/03/19 - 13/03/19, S18BM, C. Herrera (Grenoble, reducV2)
E. Jimenez-Andrade, 07/03/19 - 08/03/19, W18EU, C. Herrera (Grenoble, reducV1)
C. Chandler, 27/02/19 - 28/02/19, ALMA 2018.1.01205.L, A. Lopez (Grenoble, reducV1)
R. Hill, 25/02/19 - 27/02/19, S18CV, C. Lefevre (Remote from Univ. British Columbia, reducV2)
C. Dougados, 11/02/19 - 21/02/19, ALMA 2017.1.01605.S, A. Lopez (Grenoble, reducV1)
F. Combes, 13/02/19 - 14/02/19, S18CL/W18DB, C. Herrera, N. Cunningham (Grenoble, reducV2)
N. Cunningham, 11/02/19 - 12/02/19, S18AT, N. Cunningham (Grenoble, reducV2)
D. Liu, 04/02/19 - 08/02/19, W18EY, N. Cunningham (Remote from MPG, reducV2)
L. Hartmann, 04/02/19 - 07/02/19, D18AA, C. Herrera (Grenoble, reducV1)
I. Soh, 31/01/19 - 01/02/19, S18DB, N. Cunningham (Grenoble, reducV2)
K. Qiu, 28/01/19 - 01/02/19, S18AS and W17AO, A. Castro-Carrizo, C. Lefèvre (Grenoble, reducV1)
J. Pineda, 28/01/19 - 15/02/19, S18AL, C. Lefèvre (Grenoble, reducV1 + remote)
J. Goicoechea, 14/01/19 - 18/01/19, ALMA 2015.1.01082.S, E. Chapillon (Grenoble, reducV2)
R. Decarli, 07/01/19 - 11/01/19, S18DM/S18BY,W17EW,W18EF*,W18EI*,W18EJ* C. Lefevre, C. Herrera (Grenoble, reducV1)
M. Padovani, 08/01/19-11/01/19, S17AE, A. Lopez (Grenoble, reducV2)

Visitors in 2018

S. Browson, 17/12/18 - 21/12/18, W17CD, A. Lopez-Sepulcre (Grenoble, reducV1)
J. Bublitz, 17/12/18 - 18/12/18, W17AV, C. Lefèvre (Grenoble, reducV2)
J. Bublitz, 07/12/18, W17AV, C. Lefèvre (Grenoble, reducV2)
F. Motte, 04/12/18 - 06/12/18, all workstations booked for ALMA Large Program 2017.1.01355, A. Lopez, E. Chapillon, N. Cunningham (Grenoble)
E. Falgarone, 21/11/18 - 22/11/18, C. Herrera (Grenoble, reducV2)
C. Omand, 19/11/18 - 22/11/18, S18BH, M. Bremer (Grenoble, reducV2)
A. Audibert, 19/11/18 - 23/11/18, S18BW, N. Cunningham (Grenoble, reducV1)
M. Bethermin, 14/11/18 - 16/11/18, W17EG, N. Cunningham (Grenoble, reducv2)
R. Coogan, 12/11/18 - 16/11/18, W17DK, N. Cunningham (Grenoble, reducV1)
J. Champion, 12/11/18 - 14/11/18, ALMA 2017.1.01478. S, E. Chapillon (Grenoble, reducV2)
M. Jeste, 05/11/18 - 09/11/18, ALMA 2015.1.01271.S, K.T. Wong (Grenoble, reducv1)
A. Lopez, N. Cunningham, 06/11/18 - 09/11/18, ALMA-IMF large program 2017.1.01355
(Grenoble, reducV2)
SOLIS members, 22/10/18 - 26/10/18, L15AA, A.Lopez-Sepulcre, R.Neri (Grenoble, reducv1, reducv2)
T. Csengeri, 15/10/18 - 17/10/18, W17AQ, M. Bremer (Grenoble, reducV1)
J. Alberto Gomez-Lopez, 15/10/18 - 19/10/18, ALMA 2015.1.00956.S, E. Chapillon (Grenoble, reducV2)

M. Novak, 08/10/18 -16/10/18, W17EQ/W17EX/S18DO, C. Lefèvre, C. Herrera (Grenoble, reducV1)
Ping Zhou, 08/10/18 - 12/10/18, W17AX, V. Pietu (Grenoble)
Q. Tan, 08/10/18 - 12/10/18, S18CA, JM. Winters (Grenoble, reducV2)
K. Schwartz, 24/09/18 - 28/09/18, W17AC, C. Lefèvre (Remote from Univ Michigan, reducV2)
X. Ge, 19/09/18 - 21/09/18, S18BN, A. Lopez (Grenoble, reducV1)

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