Early-Science Large Programs

Early-science programs are programs that addressed important scientific questions by allocations of significant amounts of observing time in the early years of the IRAM facilities. The science products of the following programs were made graciously available by the principal investigators.


  • IRAM survey on AGB and post-AGB stars - ATLAS (R. Neri)
  • CO (1-0) survey of M31 - ANDROMEDA (M. Guélin)
  • Nuclei of Galaxies - NUGA (S. Garcia-Burillo & F. Combes)
  • PdBI ULIRG Legacy Survey - PULS (D. Downes & K. Sliwa)
  • Orion molecular cloud survey - ORION (J. Cernicharo)
  • more projects to come


Data for these projects will be made available soon.