Call for proposals

The call for proposals for the winter semester 2017/2018 is available here (pdf file). This document describes the  proposal submission procedure. A detailed description of the observing capabilities of the 30m telescope and the current status of the NOEMA interferometer are given in separate documents.

Proposals should be submitted through the Proposal Management System (PMS) at
More details on the proposal submission procedure with PMS are available in the Call for Proposals and on the IRAM web pages. Note that this tool is straight-forward to handle, yet we urge proposers to start preparing their proposals well before the deadline. This semester, PMS will be opened about 2 weeks before the deadline.

Please also take note of the new IRAM data policy.

Finally, note that we encourage the submission of Large Programs that require more than 100 hours of observing time and that address strategic scientific issues, using the 30m telescope with EMIR or HERA. Due to the large investment in technical time necessary in the current extension phase of the NOEMA project, Large Programs can presently not be accepted for the interferometer.